Wednesday, October 5

Well, here we all are then...

I did have a blog on MSN MySpaces but then I saw this site advertised on the Google home page so I thought I'd give it a go. First impressions are good, it's all very customisable, easy'ish to use, and has a much better user interface so I reckon I'll like it here. I'll try and post regularly. The content will be mostly mundane, but if you're that bored and are currently unable to watch paint dry, reading this blog may temporarily help relieve the boredom. Have low expectation's, that way your disappointment should be manageable. While reading this blog there is a strong possibility that you may become depressed, or even suicidal, so here's a link you may find useful, remember, they're there to help - click here . Alternatively, click on the title of this post, "Well, here we all are then..." and meet Shazza, bless her little cotton, fake Reebok, socks.


Blogger ĞǒǒğšMăštĕr™ said...

I have seen your NO RIGHT CLICK script for
BUT i cant get it

PLEASE tell me how to use it
I wanna protect my blog contents


Thursday, June 07, 2007 5:44:00 pm  

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