Wednesday, October 5

It took time but...

I finally worked out how to upload & publish pics on this thing. Like most things it's easy when you know how. You might want to look at these 3 friendly add-ons, "Hello" - click here , "AudioBlogger" - click here and "Picasa" click here . All are worth having IMO, they're free too. The more you use this blogger with all of it's add-ons, the more it grows on you. Anyway, while messing around on this site I got an email from, they've only gone and stuffed up my order for a second time. My new digi-cam, external hard drive, and other bits & pieces were all supposed to arrive tomorrow - no chance of that now. Tried phoning but couldn't get through - *unt's. An Essex girl is involved in a serious motoring accident, the ambulance arrives and the cockney paramedic asks "Allwight 'luv, where ya bleeding from?", the girl replies "Romford". For those of you who's sides are splitting, sellotape is available at reception. If you want to see something which is funny, well, it cracks me up, especially when mashed, click on the title "It took time but...", it sometimes take's a while to load.


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